Try More Often Include in Your Diet Tomatoes

21101614Nowadays stores almost all the year round, are sold tomatoes, but the most useful are those vegetables when they ripen in the greenhouse and in the open ground.

During this period they contain many different vitamins and other nutrients that are necessary for the human body.

In the second half of summer, when the tomatoes begin to appear dirt, do not miss this moment, and consume this vegetable daily, both independently and in the form of salads, especially since the price of tomatoes this time of year, much lower than in the winter.

Due to the fact that the lycopene is contained in tomato, it has a positive effect on our skin, protecting against ultraviolet rays, preventing cancer. The presence of vitamin D to better absorb calcium, which strengthens our bones.

For those who are watching their weight, this is one of the key products as a low-calorie tomato. Scientists have proved that the daily consumption of tomato allows effortless abandon this bad habit, like smoking.

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