Try to Abandon the Use of Sweet Drinks

10111615During the summer, when it’s hot and I want to drink something holodnenkogo, many people prefer to drink sweet soda water, the choice of which is in the shops, diverse.

And if, in addition, the label stated that in its present composition of the juice, then we think that benefits the body.

However, the scientists were able to prove, perhaps in nature, there is no more harmful soft drink than this water.

Besides the fact that it contains various flavoring and coloring agents, it is still rich in caffeine and phosphoric acid, which does not allow the calcium absorbed in the required amount. And that’s not to mention the sugar, the percentage of which in these drinks are so large that is almost 10 spoons of sugar per half liter of water.

At the same time due to exposure to carbon sugar, and in most cases, substitutes, instantly absorbed into the blood, so people with diabetes should not even look in his direction. It also negatively affects the liver and kidneys and damage to tooth enamel, causing them to collapse.

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