TV Adversely Affects the Brain

10111618Do you like to watch TV in the evening after work or on weekends?

In this case, you should know that this process is extremely negative impact on your brain activity. It turns out that if every day to watch TV, it can be applied to the health harm that by its strength is comparable to smoking!

That is the hypothesis recently put forward the staff of the Australian University of Queensland, who conducted a series of scientific experts to study the impact of TV on the functioning of the brain. It was found that for every hour spent in front of TV screen, a person reduces his life to approximately 22-25 minutes. For comparison, when smoking one cigarette, the figure is only 10-12 minutes.

In addition to the negative impact on the brain, the habit of sitting in front of TV triggers a metabolic disorder, heart problems and many other serious diseases. Therefore, before the next time to solve the TV, better to walk down the street or go to the gym.

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