TV Effect on Mortality

28101622The image of modern life in most cases can be called healthy with great reserve: almost all people prefer at the end of the working day and weekend outdoor activities passive.

Hobby tired of everyday human concerns – to lie on the sofa watching TV and let yourself relax in the monotonous noise and flickering screen.

Usually in the plans – to be held in a horizontal position quite a bit of time, but TV has lulled property and viewing is delayed for 3-4 hours.

Scientists all over the world celebrate the tendency of growth of popularity of sedentary lifestyles and a Spanish doctor Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, managing research group came to the conclusion that such a passion for the television viewer a detrimental effect on many human organ systems in the first place – on the cardiovascular. Especially carefully it is necessary to monitor their health that spends watching television more than three hours a day, in this case, increasing the risk of premature death due to diseases of the cardiovascular system.