Unusual Causes of Male Impotence

2210169Many tend to think that the male impotence – is the consequence of hormonal failure, serious diseases of the body, or age-related changes of the urogenital system in men.

However, experts have concluded that very often the fault of this state are quite atypical factors that are not always depend on the man himself.

For example, a very common sexual dysfunction happens due to certain problems in bed. For example, many men do not like when a woman during sex begins to give any guidance or continuously monitors every move. In addition, they can be distracting conversations during the process, as well as various taunts. Should a woman to hint at the fact that a man or a small penis, he did not satisfy her in bed as extra thoughts immediately appear in the man’s head and prevented him from concentrating.

If no physiological health problems there, but you do not experience sexual desire and impotence have seen, it is possible that the problem is not you, but your woman. Try to talk to her and give helpful advice for the future.

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