Useful and Harmful Properties of Black Tea

26101611Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a person who refuses a cup of hot tea, especially during the cold season.

As is known, there are two kinds of tea, black and green, with both of them are made of one and the leaves of a plant, the only difference is that for the black tea leaves is treated with moist air, from which they change color.

In fact, black tea is useful to drink, because, in its composition contains large amounts of antioxidants, so people eating a daily tea in moderation, less exposed to cancer.

Due to the fact that this product contains caffeine, the beverage is a refreshing, however, those people who have indicated a reduced pressure, it may lead to normal by using black tea drinking.

But do not get involved in it to those who have heart problems, as even one cup of strong brewed black tea, increased heart rate, and a large number of drinking this beverage, can cause headaches, nausea and even vomiting. Therefore, it is necessary to observe consumption rates which should not exceed 4-5 cups of tea per day.

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