Useful Habits in Morning

230920165With the onset of autumn cold and the bed it is not as easy as in the summer. How could I not want vylazit from under a warm blanket. So I want to soak up. However, do not do it, because it corrupts discipline. There are useful morning habits. Try to follow them.

1. Light. As soon as the bell alarm clock, soak a few minutes and open the curtains. Sunlight always promotes good mood.
2. Charging. Proceed to the charge. The body needs to warm up in the morning. In addition, it will improve the blood circulation throughout the body. It is equally important that the mood immediately improved.
3. Shower. Take the morning douche. It is perfectly invigorates.
4. Breakfast. Never give up the morning meal. The body strength needed to be alert all day. Better no dishes for breakfast than oatmeal with fruit.
5. Makeup. Now we need to proceed with the make-up. Recall in the morning do not need to be painted too bright. You just need to touch up eyes and lips.

Believe me, if these habits will be taken for a rule, you will always wake up in a good mood.

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