Useful Properties of Black Chokeberry

18101617Some people in order to improve their immune system and protect your body against infections and colds, buy expensive medicines, not realizing that this berry is growing, which will not only improve health, but also to avoid the occurrence of various chronic diseases.

This berry is called Chokeberry.

Due to the fact that its fruits are curative, rowan hardly anyone uses, and this is a big mistake, because it can be used not only fresh, but also to cook from her liqueur, jelly, as well as frayed as with the addition of honey.

In this berry contains large amounts of vitamin C, amino acids, as well as iron, which helps reduce cholesterol and increase hemoglobin.

Especially Rowan is good for those people who have observed high pressure and heart disease.

Chokeberry normalize intestinal function and improves vision, so do not ignore this berry, and, if possible, as often as possible to include in your diet, especially during the cold season.

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