Useful Properties of Sauerkraut

20101615Autumn is the one time of the year, when an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, but it will take quite a bit of time, and most of them will disappear from the shelves or be sold at unaffordable prices, especially that there is no such useful properties in them, because they They are grown in greenhouses.

Therefore, many housewives in advance should worry about the winter stocks.

Many vegetables and fruits can be frozen or preserved, but such vegetables as cabbage, can be stored for a long time in the fresh form, under certain temperature conditions. However, in such a cabbage amount of nutrients will decrease over time, so in order to save them, it can ferment.

It sauerkraut contains large amounts of vitamin C, which is being a natural antiseptic, protects the body from colds.

In addition, not only such a cabbage, but also its brine, promotes bowel, and for those who are watching their weight, this product is a must include in your diet as often as possible. .

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