Useful Properties of Seawater

2709201611Everyone knows that the sea water is very useful to the human body. In connection with this, each of us once a year goes by sea.

Yes, seawater is useful. But few people can say what exactly? So, it is necessary today to deal with this issue very carefully.

1. Massage. The waves massage the body, thereby saturating the body with oxygen and improves circulation. After bathing, the person has a lot of strength and energy.
2. Immunity. Sea water strengthens the immune system and the body hardens. Heart rate also bounces back and vitality greatly improved. A person who regularly travels on the sea, less than more colds.
3. Stress. At sea, no one will remember about their depression or stress. With all water goes bad, and only the good.
4. Iodine. In seawater, a lot of iodine. He has a positive effect on the thyroid gland, this trace element improves memory and activates the brain.
5. Skin diseases. When skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis) is also useful bathing in sea water.

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