Useful Properties of Sushi and Rolls

19101618Today has become a very popular Japanese food in many countries of the world.

In particular this applies to such dishes as sushi or rolls. In fact, the habit of eating sushi is not only pleases you with its extraordinary taste and zest, but also has a significant positive impact on your body.

Doctors say that the use of the land has a number of useful properties. For example, in their composition contained sheets nori seaweed sea. In them a lot of iodine, which has a high value to our body. A cut, in contrast to other foods, the ingredients in virtually all land served raw or boiled, therefore retain their maximum properties.

Rice – it is the source of energy and mineral carbohydrates. The sushi and rolls it is the basis of food, so if you eat this product in the first half of the day – this is very useful. We must not forget that part of the land is required to include fish, seaweed, or a variety of seafood.

The only recommendation – do not eat too much soy sauce, because it contains a high percentage of salt.

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