Useful Reading Properties

15101613No wonder the ancient people so much appreciated benefit books.

It turns out that this source of information is one of the most useful, not only to our intelligence, but also for your overall health.

As the findings of the Yale University Public Health Research, was reading a book can be a “fountain of youth” and extend life expectancy by 12 years.

Such conclusions were made after researchers conducted a study of the effect the habit of reading books on the human lifespan. It was found that elderly people who read the book at least 3 hours a week, reduces the risk of death over the next 12 years by about 22-25%.

The main beneficial properties of the books:

1. Reduce stress;
2. Development of intelligence;
3. Normalization of sleep;
4. Increase of social development.

Read more books – it’s good for your health!

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