Vanilla Has Useful Properties

01111624Many of us believe that vanilla is the only confectionery “bait”, which due to its unusually pleasant fragrance draws us to a variety of cakes and sweets.

However, in fact, in addition to its pleasant taste and odor, vanilla and it is more useful product, which has a number of properties for our body.

It turns out that as part of the product contains a large number of different organic trace elements and minerals. In smaller doses, vanilla helps improve heart function, normalize blood cholesterol level and blood pressure. Furthermore, it ochen antioxidants that help to restore the internal organs at the cellular level and improve the overall health of the body.

Vanilla helps to maintain an optimal state of the immune system, and also provides the normalization of metabolism.

Today it is actively used in cosmetology. Obtained on the basis of vanilla essential oil is very positive effect on the health of the skin.

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