Vegetables that Effectively Fights Bacteria

28101616Autumn, is that it is time, which gives us a huge selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, which, as we all know, enrich our body lots of vitamins and minerals.

But of all the vegetables, few people paid attention radish and rarely include it in your diet, but in vain, because it contains more minerals than other vegetables.
Moreover, the composition of vitamins, which is present in radish, gives a positive effect in the organism to combat various types of bacteria and viruses.

Mustard oils, which are part of radish, it does not only give a bitter taste, but a positive effect on the stomach function. Moreover, those people who are experiencing problems with the kidneys or liver, this product is a must, as it has choleretic properties.

Those who adhere to a diet to get rid of extra kilos, should daily include in your diet radish, all the more so, its application can be cooked a lot of delicious dishes and salads.

The only thing anyone is not recommended to use this vegetable, it is people who exist diseases such as gastritis or gastric ulcer.