View Selfi – the Path to Low Self-esteem?

26101618American scientists have raised the issue selfi effect on human psychology.

One of the organizers of the study Ryuoksi Wang argues that the study of social networks with the majority of cases concerns the spread and transmission of information, while it aimed to study the impact on consumers of the information.

University of Pennsylvania psychologists recommend not to get involved as a avtofiliey and self-flagellation during playback selfi and photos of other people. As it turned out, the process significantly reduces self-esteem. Scientists chose the object of study of the observer of people.

This means that they did not give an assessment photos, did not put the cherished “likes”. However, even view their own and other people’s photos is significantly lowered self-esteem. It caused by the same phenomenon that people tend to spread in social networks selfi at some moment of joy, when they want to capture something delicious. “Observers” is against this background that are imperfect, the roughness in his own life, comparing himself and them.

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