Vitamins – Truths and Myths

060920169Nowadays more and more people are taking vitamin tablets. This is much more convenient. However, others categorically refuse pharmacy vitamins in favor of natural fruits and vegetables. Who is right? In this regard, you need to understand?

1. Difference. Natural and synthetic vitamins differ. This statement is completely wrong, because synthetic vitamins are made from the same natural sources.
2. Assimilation. Many vitamins are better absorbed by the body under certain conditions. For example, Vitamin A – is a fat-soluble vitamin, therefore better eat the carrots with vegetable oil. As for the pharmacy of vitamins, they are easier and better absorbed by the body.
3. An addictive. Many believe that to vitamins may be addictive, but it is a misconception. Vitamins are natural for our body.
4. Hypervitaminosis. People believe what can happen overdose of vitamins. This will not happen if you follow the dosage clearly.
5. Selection of vitamins. Do not buy their own vitamins. It is necessary to consult with your doctor to choose the desired combination of vitamins and minerals for you.

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