Watch as Normal Salt Intake

04111617As we all know, salt is harmful to our body, especially negatively it affects the heart and can increase blood pressure.

However, all the products on store shelves, is composed of sodium chloride, which is added during production. But the lack of salt in the body adversely affects his work, as this can cause a variety of diseases, which is the first sign of skin peeling.

In addition, during the food intake we its salt, to improve palatability, so our body receives an excess amount of salt.

One of American Scientists want to turn to the head of state proposed the creation of a new law, according to which all producers, during the manufacture of food products must comply with the established norm of salt. We would like to note that the daily use of this product should not exceed 6 grams. In general, the man himself is able to control the amount of use it every day and try to reduce it.

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