Wedding Preparations

210820163On the wedding day every girl wants to be a princess. To keep things this way, you need to think everything through to the smallest children. It is important to start preparing for the wedding in advance, rather than a few days. At first glance, it seems that everything is easy. But in this case all you need to think carefully. First of all, it concerns the image of the bride herself.

1. Hairstyle. Somewhere in the past month is necessary to go to the hairdresser to make a trial hairstyle. It is important to understand that under the veil will not be visible, beautifully plaited braids.
2. Make-up. For two weeks, you can refer to the make-up artist, wedding makeup to negotiate.
3. Spirits. Pre-need to think about what perfume you use a holiday. The aroma should be a pleasant trail.
4. Eyebrows. For 7 days you need to make a correction of eyebrows. Previously, this term should not do, because the shape of the eyebrows lose.
5. Hair. Hair coloring is also better to lead a week before the holiday date.
6. Manicure. The day before the wedding, you need a manicure. This ensures that the nails are in perfect condition.

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