Weight Gain after Marriage

030920167Wedding – is not this the dream of every girl from an early age? Of course it. Remember, as a child dressed pillowcase instead of the veil ?! Perfect was the time.

But here came the memorable day. Are you in a white dress – you become a bride. How it is wonderful …

But the wedding was held, family life comes and troubles. Time goes by and you begin to notice that there is something wrong. You began to gain weight. For many women, this is surprising, but not for scientists. They have long since figured out that after the wedding, many women gain weight. With that many women do it consciously. According to them, the beloved heart, they won, so you can relax and look after themselves. I would like to say at once that this is not true. The woman even after marriage should take care of yourself. In no case can not be waving the hand. Many women start to eat strenuously on the grounds that the wedding is over and the magic moment will not happen again. Sometimes the cause of excess weight can be a quarrel in the family.

Lovely girl, keep yourself in shape. Remember, the best motivation for this is simple – often look at her wedding dress.

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