Weight loss methods that are dangerous to health

07101617The fact that obesity is the cause of many diseases, it is known to all.

But not only these factors force people to do weight-loss methods, but the appearance is not unimportant role, especially for women who want the summer season have a slender figure.

Despite the fact that most doctors recommend to drop extra weight via diet and moderate physical activity, many citizens to achieve their goals agreed on various experiments. Sometimes it comes to surgery, at the same time, people do not think about what consequences await them.

In recent years become a popular method for losing weight with the help of pacemakers that affect the muscles, but the special effects they usually do not give, but the electric shock or burns can be obtained.

Using special underwear, can cause a variety of allergic skin diseases, and starvation when only drinking water for a long time, gives the whole body, leading to irreversible consequences.

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