Wellness Hair Diet

How to make hair more healthy in winter? During this period, they are under tremendous strain. The thing is that in winter, hair can be very depleted if you do not follow certain rules.

So, what health-improving diet for hair exists?

1. Vitamins. Eat more vitamins. In winter, there is an even greater need for them. Include in the diet more fresh vegetables, fruits. Greens can always be grown on your windowsill. It will be environmentally friendly, without nitrates.
2. Trace elements. For beauty hair is important such a trace element as zinc. If the hair is excessively dropped, then zinc will fix the situation. It is found in cashew, almonds, oysters.
3. Masks. You can have a positive effect on hair with nourishing masks. There is one condition – the regularity of the application. The basis of masks is kefir, olive or almond oil.

Dear women, the most important thing for beauty of hair is a proper and balanced diet. If you observe this important condition, then hair throughout life will be luxurious.

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