What Affects Male Longevity?

180920168Every man dreams about how to live as long as possible. However, according to official statistics, life expectancy for men is much smaller than that of women. But in spite of this fact, every man can significantly prolong the duration of his life, if it is to have sex more often. It turns out that a good sexual relationship is one of the main incentives for the maintenance of normal life. It is a regular and high-quality sex can become a panacea for all the old and slow the aging process at the cellular level.

This was at a conference in the city of Modena (Italy) told representatives of local health centers.

According to them, when a man is a regular sex life, his body runs like clockwork and less amenable to the effects of certain diseases. At the same time, it is very important that the woman the man was constant, and he loved her. Research shows, casual sex has a much lower efficiency than that when both partners are well-known and loved each other. On average, at constant sexual activity can be increased longevity in men by about 7-10 years.

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