What Are the Rules of Long-Livers?

How do you want to live a long life and not be ill. Only not everyone can do this with ease. Very many people begin to get sick at a young age. This is very sad. But you can not give up. It is best in this matter to communicate with those who managed to live up to 100 years. What secrets are these people keeping?

1. Sex. Regular sex is good for your health. Women less often face mastitis, and men – with prostatitis.
2. Youth. It is always necessary to take an example from young people. Be interested in all the topics that are relevant now and lead an active lifestyle.
3. Sports. Doing sports is exactly what you need to accustom yourself from an early age. Sport is a good mood, strength and energy.
4. Food. It is necessary to eat correctly. Proper nutrition is a guarantee of health of the stomach and intestines. In addition, proper nutrition contributes to good health. Add more fruits and vegetables to the diet so that the body does not experience vitamin deficiency.

You can live long. Only for this purpose it is necessary to adhere to simple rules and to observe self-discipline.

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