What can Cause a Lack of Iron in the Body

14101613Nowadays, an increasing number of people associated with sedentary work because, with the advent of computers, most employees of many businesses and companies are working directly with them.

Also, many people have a lack of iron in the body. Both of these reasons are the main factors of blood clots, which are deadly for anyone.

Scientists from the University of London conducted a study, which was attended by more than 600 people who have had a good chance of blood clots. Once they started using drugs with a high content of iron, they have dramatically reduced the possibility of blood clots.

In addition to the medicines necessary to include in your diet foods that contain iron, such as apples. According to scientists, the lack of iron in the body, at the moment, there is more than one billion people worldwide.

In case of problems with the veins, you must consult a doctor to conduct a survey to find out the level of iron in the blood.

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