What Can Not a Woman Do before Bed?

Now more and more women are faced with insomnia. This problem is so acute that the meds beat real alarm. If this goes on, every second woman will have trouble falling asleep. And this is already threatening mass psychosis.

So, what you can not do a woman before going to bed?

1. Cleaning in the house. In no case can not clean the apartment or at home in the evening. This will lead to the fact that it will be very problematic to fall asleep.
2. Childcare. For some reason, scientists of USA came to the conclusion that caring for children can also tire a woman. Most likely, this happens in those women who became a mother recently.
3. Sports. If you are involved in sports, then you will carry the training session in the morning. Classes before going to bed will have a bad effect on falling asleep.

Experts advise before going to sleep as much as possible to relax. This time you need to devote yourself (taking a bath, cosmetic procedures). In other words, you need to do what you like.

Dear women, do not ignore the problem of insomnia. Take care of yourself.

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