What Can Not Be Done in the Morning?

As you start the morning, the whole day will pass. This rule needs to be clarified. However, many people make a lot of mistakes, which lead to the fact that the whole day will go somehow wrong.

So, what categorically you can not do in the morning?

1. Coffee. In any case, you can not limit yourself in the morning with a cup of coffee. This will lead to the fact that before lunch a person will snack to everyone that gets his hand. Breakfast should be full.
2. Checking the mail. You can not constantly check mail or social networks. This leads to nervous exhaustion. In the morning everything should happen in a relaxed atmosphere.
3. TV. Do not watch TV in the morning. There often during the release of news reports of tragedies. It’s always frustrating. Protect yourself from negative emotions.
4. Cleaning. Waking up is always necessary on time. This will remove the bed, wash the dishes. So, that in the evening, the code you come home, it will reign supreme order. And this fact always pleases women.

Morning is the beginning of the day. Learn from the first hours to adjust to a positive mood.

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