What Can Not Be Done while Washing Hair?

Wash your hair – it seems that it can be easier. Each person performed this procedure many times. Yes, it seems easy, but how many mistakes are allowed. And because of the wrong technique of washing hair, the hair is very much affected.

So, what can not be done while washing hair?

1. Air conditioning. In no case can not apply hair conditioner to their roots. This will cause the volume to go away, and the hair will become fat faster. The conditioner is applied only to the tips of the hair.
2. Towel. Many women like to wrap their wet hair with a towel. But you can not leave your hair for a long time. The reason is simple – they start to break at the folding point.
3. Combing. Never comb wet hair. It is in wet form they are more vulnerable.
4. Sleep. After you have washed your hair, wait until it dries. Never go to bed with wet hair. Do not rub your hair on the pillow, as this leads to their exhaustion.

Dear women, give proper care to your hair. Only in this way they will make you happy.

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