What Can Prolong Life for 20 Years?

Now more and more people are thinking about how to strengthen their health and live a long life.

When such a desire arises, it is best to take advice from people who have confirmed this in practice. So, what advice do centenarians give?

1. Walking. Every day you need to walk in the fresh air. In this case, the walk should last 1.5-2 hours.
2. Charge. The morning should start with charging. Charge will help make the body more elastic. In this case, the movement is useful for the heart.
3. Overwork. Always watch to feel cheerful. In no case do not allow fatigue. Have a rest always.
4. Food. Watch the power mode. It must be right. Give up fried. This is the most harmful product that can be. It is very important to eat berries, fruits, and drink kefir daily. With the help of these products you can strengthen your health.
5. Stress. Try to protect yourself from stress. Stress is what kills and destroys a person.

As you can see, to live a long time, you need not so much!

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