What Causes Kidney Stones?

Now more and more people get on the operating table because of kidney stones. Undoubtedly, immediately the idea that the fault of all this is poor water quality. But, if you understand, the culprits of the problem can be food, which we are all so accustomed to eating.

What are these products?

1. Sorrel. Everyone knows and loves sorrel. Very often a green borsch is prepared from it. However, because of the composition of greenery in humans can accumulate oxalates. In this regard, it is best to eat sorrel in limited quantities. If a person is at risk for the disease, then it is better to exclude it altogether.
2. Sardines. A lot of purines are contained in the sardine. This substance is also able to be deposited in the kidneys. Limit the consumption of the product.
3. Red meat. Scientists have long said that the use of red meat is better to give up. Another argument in favor of this – the excessive amount of protein in the meat leads to the formation of concrements in the kidneys.

As can be seen from the list, all products are consumed daily by millions of people, not knowing what kind of danger they are exposing themselves.

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