What do You Get in the Pool?

090920169Every person aspires to lead a healthy lifestyle. Now you can sign up for yoga, fitness, swimming. It is worth noting that in the swimming pool is extremely popular among all age groups. The pool can not only strengthen the back muscles, but also relieve stress after a hard day’s work. At first glance, everything is fine, but do not forget about the dangers that lurk in the pool.

Microorganisms can trap a person everywhere, slippers, floor, water. You can catch many diseases in the pool, a fungal infection, herpes, hepatitis A. Many afraid of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. But even as such diseases can not pick up in the pool. The most common infection is lurking people with weakened immune systems, the wounds on the body or legs.

In order not to be infected, you should always use the personal belongings (slippers, towel, cap). After the pool it is necessary to take a shower. In addition, the need to responsibly to the choice of the pool. It is important that the pool management is attentive to its customers (checked medical records and conducted inspection).

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