What do You Know About Monday?

18101619Many of us believe Monday the most difficult and most unpleasant day of the week.

This day our working week is just beginning, and before the weekend is still the whole 5 days. It is noteworthy that a group of scientists decided to hold a series of special experiments that help clarify the influence of man on Monday.
For example, not many people know that on Monday, more than 80% of people almost do not smile in the morning to the moment when the clock is not 11:06.

In addition, it was on Monday registered a record number of delays to work, despite the specificity of human activity.

Psychologists say that the best way to cheer yourself up on Monday – it’s sex, shopping or chocolate. In addition, if you are in the day to plan your next vacation, that too will experience a sense of joy and positive emotions.

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