What Good Milk

27101614Until now, there are different opinions about the benefits of milk, of course, this does not apply to children, because it is the first product that they begin to eat after his birth.

The milk contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that provide vital functions of the body, it is especially rich in the presence of calcium, so necessary for building strong bones.

But, despite all its useful properties, in some people the body can not assimilate this product, which could result in bloating, nausea and an upset stomach. This suggests that the stomach can not process lactose, which is included in the composition of milk.

In our stores sold milk is sterilized or pasteurized, it is different nutrients content, because, in the first case, the milk is heated to a temperature above 120°C, thereby killing not only the harmful bacteria but also almost all useful. And considering the fact that its composition has various additives to promote long-term storage, the use of such milk is practically no.

Source: www.goods-eu.com