What Harms the Kidneys?

Without the normal operation of a particular organ, the body will not be able to work. One of these organs includes – kidneys, which with urine remove all toxins from the body. Without their full-time work, a person can die.

At present, more and more diseases of this particular organ are found. If you understand, then the person is to blame for this.

What harms the kidneys?

1. Harmful habits. Alcoholic beverages, nicotine – these substances badly affect the work of the kidneys. They force them to work under load. Before you drink a glass of cognac or smoke another cigarette – think about your health.
2. Sleep. If you sleep a little, it affects the kidneys badly.
3. Caffeine. This substance makes the kidneys work much more actively. And they do not need an extra load. You can drink coffee, but in moderation.
4. Few movements. Today people have become lazy. They simply can not be made to move. Sometimes people begin to resemble seals that lie on the shore and do not want to do anything.

Take care of your health. Do not abuse bad habits.

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