What Has To Be Manicure In This Season?

What has to be manicure in this seasonBeautiful and well-groomed nails — whether about dream women of all planet?

Always pay attention to nails and men, and women. If you have an ideal make-up and a hair-dress, but there will be not well-groomed nails, then the fine image in a flash will collapse. It is absolutely optional to increase nails or to cover gel varnish. There will be quite enough classical manicure. As for shades of varnishes, it is better to choose pastel tone.

Light colors of varnishes will approach any image (a business meeting, a party at friends).

We will note, many women consider that only long nails are a symbol of well made manicure. Believe, it absolutely not so. Long nails FitoSpray v České republice have got long ago out of fashion because they look unnaturally and remind claws of a wild animal. It is much more pleasant to look at accurately cut nails, average length. Only look at manicure of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Her nails don’t draw to themselves attention FitoSpray Magyarországon of people around, but it doesn’t do them less attractive. Her nails are always covered with hardly noticeable pink varnish.

This woman has a taste and feeling of fine. It is necessary to follow an example of such Lady.

Fashion Trends In Nail Design

Fashion for all areas of appearance is changing rapidly, but that will never go out of fashion, so these are well-groomed nails. A manicure can be perfect in any manifestation.

Accents determine the latest news in any season. And it seems sometimes that we are clients of manicure salons, have seen everything and we are very difficult to surprise, but regularly the nailmaker studios come up with new and unexpected solutions, without which it is impossible to manage, if desired, to be in a trend.

But modern FitoSpray Eestis fashion differs somewhat from the one that was several years ago. Today, designers do not oblige women of fashion to strictly follow all the wishes. They rather set the trajectory of movement, which should be slightly adhered to in order to maintain the image of a lady who follows fashion trends.

Neil-masters in this season continue to keep the leading positions in the eternal classics – a bright red manicure and a gentle jacket. But if you are tired of many years of tradition, pay attention to the actual features that have come to us right now.

Beauty-boom for short nails of pastel tones left us romantic memories of ourselves and successfully stayed last season. Today, again came the long sharp nails, with a bright and flashy accent in the design. Imitation of precious metals on manicure is what will allow you to separate your hands from the crowd of others and literally shine. In order to be in a trend it’s enough just to cover the nail plate with golden or silvery nail polish. Glistening rhinestones, stones and foil are also very appropriate.

Stylists of studios of nail design to bright people recommend to combine red classics with fashionable strokes. For example, it is incredibly attractive to create fragments of gold on red nails.

For more restrained representatives of the fair sex experts FitoSpray στην Ελλάδα advise to cover all the nails with a one-color varnish and make a bright accent on the ring finger.

Another direction, which is incredibly popular this season – nails of different colors.

And this is not the same color that was in vogue not so long ago, when only the manicure of one finger differed in color. Today, stylists offer to FitoSpray em Portugal experiment with the color scheme at the personal discretion of each. There are no restrictions, you can create two-, three-color nail platinum, or cover the fingernails of each finger with different varnish.

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