What If the Couple Plans a Pregnancy?

Currently, more and more couples are trying to plan their pregnancies. It is best to cure all of your chronic illnesses before the onset of this exciting event. This will save your future child from the effects of microorganisms and medications on the yet unformed organism.

So, what do you need to do when the couple decided to conceive a child?

1. Shampoo. A future mother should stop using shampoos with sulphates. Choose safer cosmetics.
2. Cream from the sun. To the skin has always been healthy, it must be protected from the sun. Only during pregnancy to her choice must be treated with all responsibility.
3. Acne. During pregnancy, acne often appears on the body. The reason for this is a change in the hormonal background. To cope with pimples, you need to choose only proven cosmetics.
4. Deodorant. This product should not contain aluminum. Carefully study the composition.

To make pregnancy easy, observe simple advice of experts!

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