What if Your Body is Sweating Heavily in the Summer?

090820162High air temperatures and increased physical activity often cause increased body sweating in the summer. Everyone knows that by itself sweat is a natural “air conditioning” of our body, because it helps to cool it. It is therefore, due to the heat of summer body begins to allocate more sweat to maintain normal body temperature. Of course, excessive sweating brings some discomfort – unpleasant odor, wet clothes and so on. For this reason, many are trying to deal with this manifestation. Doctors recommend limiting physical activity on hot days to reduce the activity of perspiration on the skin. In addition, it is desirable to remove from your diet sugary juices, carbonated beverages, as well as wine and spicy food. Try to use special antiperspirants that help to reduce the activity of the sweat glands and reduce perspiration selection. In addition, very often excessive sweating of the body is the first cause of the presence of excess weight in the body, so that less sweat you need to lose weight.

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