What Is Bad for the Heart?

Heart – this is one of those human bodies, which should be protected. If it will not work properly, then life will end.

Undoubtedly, all the people understand it. However, only a few make efforts to help the heart to work without interruption.

So, what has a negative effect on the heart?

1. Bad habits. Excessive drinking and smoking just kills the heart.
2. Sedentary lifestyle. The more a person moves, the better for him. No need to constantly sit at home near the TV. Go outside, ride a bicycle and play active games. All this will bring untold benefits to the human heart. Loads need. Besides, fresh air – this is a panacea for many diseases.
3. Salt. The lower salt diet in the better. No one is saying that the food was fresh. But do not forget that in the products of factory production of preservative are always in abundance.
4. Sweets. Sweet candy are useless. But dried fruits, which contain a lot of potassium in the composition – what you need. This trace mineral helps to strengthen the heart muscle.

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