What is Black Dots?

230920166Many women face the same problem as the appearance of black spots on the face. Most often they appear on the nose and chin area. This dream seems to be that the skin is dirty. Although, it is not. Black dots are not connected with the fact that the skin at this place poorly cleaned. The cause of black spots under the skin, but not on the surface.

But the situation is quite unpleasant, so you should take steps to get rid of them.

1. Disclosure far. It is very important to reveal the pores and remove all the contents of them.
2. To press. But the squeeze is not recommended black points, because you can carry infection.
3. Chemical scrubs. Get chemical scrubs. Often they help to get rid of blackheads.
4. Strips. On sale there are strips to cleanse pores. It is also very effective means.
5. Phone. Mobile phone should be cleaned of fat. It is the fat from your face.
6. Hands. Do not touch the face with his hands.
7. Beautician. If it is impossible to cope on their own, please refer to the beautician, he will definitely help you to deal with the problem of black dots.

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