What is Needed on Vacation?

Already summer has come to an end. This means that if you have not been on vacation, then you have one last chance. So, what do you need to take to the sea, to always look perfect? Let us examine the list of certain things.

1. Means for protection from the sun. The skin on exposure to sunlight should always be protected.
2. Moisturizing Cream. The skin is always exposed to the sun drying. To avoid this, you need to use a moisturizer.
3. Thermal water. For skin in hot weather is no better means than thermal water. Quite a few injections to refresh the skin.
4. Cream for hair removal. If you are sending to the sea for more than seven days, you need to take the machine or cream for depilation. Note to the sea depilation should not do the day before.
5. The cooling cream. If you send in the mountains, then bring a cream that could relieve fatigue feet.
6. Tools for make-up. On vacation you should always look perfect, so if you yourself should always be: mascara, lip gloss, eye shadow, blush.

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