What Is the Harm of Nail Extensions?

Every woman strives for perfection. To achieve this in full, a woman watches every piece of her body. Nails are not an exception.

Currently, the procedure of nail extensions is very popular. Thanks to it you can make absolutely any shape and length of the nail. Undoubtedly, it is convenient. In this case, the manicure can be done less often. In this case, the nails will always be in perfect condition. How long we waited for this. But not everything is so simple.

At home, a woman will not be able to correct her nail. It is necessary to address only to the expert. Even changing the color of the nails is not possible. But this is not the worst thing. Much worse is that this procedure is not so safe. If the specialist is poor or does not handle the tools, the client may experience fungal diseases. Drying nails under a UV lamp can cause cancer.

In short, before you register for the procedure for nail extensions, you need to weigh everything carefully. Think and decide! Good luck!

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