What Kind of Food Kills a Person?

I want to say that a person consists of what he eats. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this and continues to eat what they need. How bad it affects the state of health. All this will not pass without a trace.

So, let’s find out which products are bad for health ?!

1. Fast food. Eating from fast food will have many calories and few useful substances. This is her main problem. A person kills hunger, but the body does not receive nutrients.
2. Semi-finished products. In the store you can buy a lot of products that are almost ready (they need only to boil or fry). Such products include pancakes, dumplings, vareniki. But you need to understand that they add a lot of preservatives, so they are well-kept.
3. Fried food. Everyone is accustomed to eating fried meat, fried potatoes, fish. In other words, any product should be fried. It is difficult to explain why this happens. There are many other ways of cooking, and they are much more useful.

Set up a diet to save health!

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