What Kind of Women are Afraid of Men?

230820169Every woman wants to get married and enjoy family life. However, it happens that a girl or woman does not offer his hand and heart. This is for their own reasons. Let’s look at them.

This is due to the fact that there are certain types of women, which men pass by. Who are the representatives of a fine half of mankind ?!
1. The mercenary woman. This type of women is very common. Such women are not interested in anything or work or hobbies husband. Most importantly, a good income, and he carried abroad for a vacation.
2. Easily accessible. Such women are easily hung on the neck. Very often, they have a low level of IQ. It is worth noting that their main goal – a good marriage and not think about nothing and continue to walk in the night clubs.
3. Business-woman. Such women have a strong (even male character). They are leaders. Very often, men are afraid of corny.
4. Hysterical. These women will be guaranteed to arrange a tantrum at least once a week.
5. Chatterbox. These women can talk 24 hours a day.

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