What Makes a Woman Over?

2608201610Every woman wants to look beautiful and young. At what age it is absolutely irrelevant. However, there are many factors that the young woman was converted into an old woman. What mistakes should not be allowed?

1. Hair. You should always follow the hair. Do not regrown roots and gray hair. At the same time, it is not necessary to repaint the hair black as it ages.
2. Neck. The skin on the neck is very delicate, so it is necessary to provide the most thorough care. All procedures that a woman does for the person to do and neck.
3. Posture. If a woman stoops, it immediately gives it a few extra years.
4. Hands. Hands are also able to give the woman’s age. Try to engage in the sports hall to avoid saggy skin.
5. Clothing. It is not necessary to wear a shapeless robes. Choose the clothes on a figure.
6. Bright makeup. In adulthood, you need to prefer discreet makeup.
7. Wrinkles. Do not wait for the appearance of wrinkles, it is necessary to prevent their occurrence.
8. Cellulite. Fight them tooth and nail (sports and massage).
9. Smile. Smile more often, because a sad look still no one painted.

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