What Prevents a Woman to Become Pregnant?

Every woman wants to have children. It is quite understandable desire, because nature is so ordered. But it so happens that a woman can not get pregnant.

What is the reason? Why is this happening? Who is the culprit of all this?

Undoubtedly, each woman once say that conception may influence bad habits. These include – drinking and smoking. Immediately I want to say that these reasons are most obvious. But we should not ignore another important aspect.

So, scientists from America came to the conclusion that stress negatively affects conception. If a woman is nervous all the time, the chance of becoming pregnant is very much reduced. Scientists believe that people just underestimate what their body can do stress. It’s very serious.

Therefore, doctors recommend to be calm. If a woman is planning a pregnancy, it is necessary to adjust the diet, use of folic acid supplements and to enjoy life. Only calm and balanced woman has a higher chance of conceiving.

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