What prevents longevity?

2908161Everyone is committed to ensuring that live as long as possible.

That is why we are constantly trying to take care of their health and promptly treat existing disease. However, as practice shows, a number of specific reasons that can cause death in old age. For example, a recent study of scientists who dealt with the analysis of the causes of deaths of people aged 100 years and above, showed that most of them died from pneumonia or a general weakening of the body.

It turns out that when a person reaches the age of 100 years, the same problems as heart attacks, cancer or heart disease are secondary. The first place in this list are located just a different kind of pneumonia, as well as weakness in the body, caused by age-related changes.

Scientists are convinced that solving these two problems, they will be able to significantly extend the life of the people, so after about 20-30 years on the planet will be more than 3 million people, whose age is more than 100 years.

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