What Products are Added to the Diet?

270820167If a person wants to have good health, then he needs to eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These two rules actually have a positive effect. Do not smoke or drink alcohol, because these two bad habits have a negative impact on the health of any person. Listen to our simple tips that will not only improve health, but also to extend it. There is a list of foods that should be included in your diet.

1. Elder. Elderberries – this is a very useful product. Scientists have proved that during the illness (colds) elder need to eat to get well faster. In addition, during the epidemic of colds, elderberry provides excellent prevention of colds.
2. Almonds. With almonds can strengthen the nervous and immune systems.
3. Garlic. Everyone knows that garlic is considered a natural antibiotic. It can help you protect the body not only from viruses, but also against diseases such as ulcers, gastritis.
4. Wheat germ. The wheat germ contains antioxidants and vitamins of group B. Remember, this is the perfect addition to the diet.

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