What Products are Stained Teeth?

230820165Many people, especially women dream of beautiful teeth. The snow-white smile is now in vogue. This is due to the fact that the Hollywood stars, the teeth in perfect condition. How many women want to be at least a little like them. Woman always strive to be beautiful. This is due to its nature to perfection.

Currently, dental stepped forward. If we turn to the doctor in time, the aching tooth in 90% of cases can be stored. However, it is important not to run. But today we have a slightly different topic.

Now, many are trying to whiten your teeth. This can be done at home or in the dental clinic. If you are a true follower of white teeth, then you should know that you can not eat certain foods. This is due to the fact that there are many products that are able to stain the tooth enamel. What kind of products ?! Berries, coffee, tea, beetroot, lemon, tomato sauce – it is those products which may affect the color of the enamel and destroy it. In this issue it appears difficult choice – eating favorite foods and beautiful smile.

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