What Products Can Replace Sweets

12101611From an early age to take care of their health, in consequence, to avoid various chronic diseases.

One of the causes of many diseases, are overweight, and unfortunately, this problem has recently become more and more significant. All of us from childhood love sweets, such as candy, cake, ice cream and others, and gladly eat them in unlimited quantities, without thinking about the consequences.

Naturally do without the sweet is not possible, because, glucose and fructose, which is found in these products provide our body with energy. On the shelves of our stores we have a large assortment of various sweets, but they contain so many different supplements that eating them get more harm than good.

In order to provide the body with the necessary amount of glucose, it is better to include in your diet foods such as honey, dried fruits, dark chocolate and, not surprisingly, marshmallows. The fact is that in its composition contains a lot of useful components, and, although the high-calorie product, it is impossible to eat a lot, because it is very sweet marshmallows.

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