What risks arise in the home preservation

05101611In the summer-autumn period, the stores and markets an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and, at low prices, however, with the onset of winter, their number is much reduced, and hence the cost is increased.

Maybe that’s why many housewives are trying as much as possible to make various preparations in the form of conservation.

Thus it is necessary to consider some rules in order not to harm your body. Firstly, during the heat processing of fruit and vegetables in them is virtually no vitamin C, but the minerals are preserved. In order to conservation not fermented, some are added to a brine aspirin, but this can not be done, because this medication can cause allergies.

Also, doctors do not recommend when cooked jam and stewed fruit with seeds used, as they contain toxic substances that, getting into the stomach, produce prussic acid. To all of these products retain as many nutrients as possible, the best way is freezing, the Bole that in our time is possible with freezers.

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