What Should Be The Breakfast

11111613Each person starts with a morning breakfast, and how full it is, depends not only mood but also performance throughout the day.

Some people complain about the lack of time, refuse to receive the morning meal, replacing it with drunk coffee or tea, at best, with a sandwich.

Naturally, this can not be done, because doctors have long been proven that a diet entails the occurrence of various diseases associated with the stomach not only work, but also other organs.

One of the most useful products to be included in the breakfast menu is oatmeal and eggs. As for eggs, they are recommended to use boiled or as an omelet, steamed, and, behold, fried eggs, you must include in your diet is not more than 2 times a week. This limitation is due to high cholesterol and calorie content, which arise from the use of oil.

In the morning, half an hour after a meal, it is best to drink a juice squeezed from fresh fruit.

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